Aquabot Elite Robot Pool Cleaner

  • Sleek, sophisticated design with powerful performance
  • State-of-the-art technologies for flawless results
  • 360-degree Anti-Tangle Swivel – gets the job done with no interruptions
  • 3 x TripleClean Scrubbing Brushes cleans everywhere and everything
  • EverGrip Rubber Tracks designed to improve control
  • AquaSmart 2.0 Microprocessor control for a highly efficient outcome
  • Programmable timers & external system compatibility for convenience
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design with a user-friendly handle
  • JetForce Filter with QuickDraw – maintains high suction with 300sq capacity
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Aquabot Elite Robot Pool Cleaner

Rather than manually scrubbing away at your pool’s debris, dirt, and algae, the Aquabot Elite will do it all for you, plus more. Relax by the pool instead and watch as your pool is cleaned automatically, no-hassle, with its state-of-the-art technologies and efficiency.

Efficiency Unmatched

You won’t find a more efficient nor intelligent pool cleaner than the Aquabot Elite. This remarkable device power scrubs the stubborn contaminants stuck in your pool for a thorough clean, washing away chlorine-resistant particles like biofilm and over 21,000 forms of algae. The TripleClean brushes scrub every inch of your pool, including the walls, coves, and waterline. Two brushes spin to power scrub the surface, and the third CleanSweep brush rapidly oscillates back and forth to dislodge all stubborn particles.

Effortless User Experience

The Aquabot Elite is ergonomic and lightweight with a user-friendly handle for seamless portability. The dual high-capacity filter cartridges also feature an effortless and fast way to access/remove them. The ClearView panels let you glance through to see if they are full. They are quickly released with one hand in approximately one second, the access door swinging open for removal. Once clean, returning them is a breeze, so you can let it get back to cleaning your pool within a matter of minutes.

Constantly Firm Grip

The EverGrip Rubber Tracks are specifically designed to maintain a constant and firm grip to your pool. Wet grip traction whilst applying power is no issue, distributing its weight more effectively and offering better traction and balance overall. The rubber track furthermore improves directional control and much greater force than other models with wheels. Energy is conserved, and efficiency is achieved, assuring that it even navigates smoothly over the pool drain and up vertical pool walls.

Powerful Technology

JetForce technology is an effective filter cartridge, handling even the largest debris. The cartridge additionally creates a venturi effect with its unique radius shape, separating the dirt and debris from the water. It continuously maintains high suction for a powerful clean and no loss of efficiency. Patented AquaSmart 2.0 Microprocessor Control System keeps the Elite more capable than ever, ensuring proper navigation with a systematic and measured approach – regardless of the pool shape or design. Cleaning is never interrupted with the 360-degree Anti-Tangle Swivel design, preventing frustrating twists and tangles to keep the Elite on the job.

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