• Smart navigation with visual mapping
  • Adaptive Floor Sensing – can alter cleaning pattern whenever
  • Carpet identification for efficient clean
  • Connected application for scheduling, mapping tech, & voice-enabled operation
  • Automatic recharging with zero interference from you
  • Voice reporting – a robot that talks and informs you
  • Easy to use and operate with a friendly cleaning system
  • Implemented handle for clever transportation – ideal for multi-level homes
  • OZMO mopping technology with a clever pump and sensors
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Representing a new generation of DEEBOTs, the ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930 can change cleaning modes based on its current function – the first robotic vacuum with this ability. This revolutionizes the way you clean your home, getting the chore done for you automatically.

Alters Cleaning Pattern Automatically

With the latest Adaptive Floor Sensing Technology, DEEBOT OZMO 930 adapts its cleaning pattern when necessary. It will decide for itself whether it needs to be in vacuuming or mopping mode, without any assistance required from you. When it reaches a carpeted surface, it uses carpet identification to increase its suction power and provide a deeper, more efficient clean. When it uses the mopping function, it knows to steer clear of carpets and instead mop other areas that are mop-safe.

Clever Navigation

The DEEBOT OZMO 930 uses laser-based navigational scans as well as visual maps to create accurate cleaning areas. It learns and continuously adapts to your home and its surroundings for a thorough clean with minimal interference. This precision technology furthermore allows you to pinpoint specific areas to clean/avoid or draw virtual boundaries, and the robot vacuum will respond accordingly.

Clean Various Messes

The mopping technology for DEEBOT OZMO 930 is the latest and most advanced with a complete system featuring an electronically-controlled water pump. It also has sensors that monitor the water flow and stop the flow to ensure the cleaning results remain consistent and thorough. No matter what the mess in your home is, it’ll get the job done. An interchangeable suction inlet, as well as selective cleaning modes, ensure that whether it is hair, dirt, debris or fur, it cleans it up the correct way each time.

Control From Anywhere

The integrated application lets you control your DEEBOT OZMO 930 from anywhere at any time with your smartphone. You can monitor its cleaning behavior, set your preferred cleaning schedule and modes, observe its status, and enjoy many more features that completely automate the cleaning for your home. Set it to start while you’re at work and return to a sparkling home. The ease of use steps it up with an included handle for easy transportation throughout your home – ideal for multi-story houses – and voice reporting technology that lets the vacuum inform you of working status.

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