ECOVACS WINBOT X Window Cleaning Robot

  • Cordless power source for free-moving operation
  • Deep clean mode for thorough results (repeats areas)
  • Safety tether system to protect the robot and surroundings
  • 4-stage cleaning system – squeegees and wipes in every direction
  • Intelligent cleaning paths for greater efficiency
  • Edge detection sensors alter the robot’s course when necessary
  • Full charging session allows a 50-minute cleaning process
  • User-friendly for seamless handling & operation
  • Handy remote control with simple control buttons
  • Visual and audio warnings for communication

ECOVACS WINBOT X Window Cleaning Robot

Experience an entirely new way to clean your windows at home or at your workplace with the ECOVACS WINBOT X – a free-moving intelligent appliance that will eradicate the grime from your windows and leave them sparkling.

Free Moving Design

WINBOT X is incredibly smart and convenient with its cordless movement. This cleaning robot adapts to your window, moving intelligently and safely while applying its powerful arsenal of cleaning systems until the job is complete. There is no power supply on the robot’s body, meaning less obstruction in your space, the cleaning area is larger before redeployment, and it has the ability to clean extremely high windows. What more could you want?

Intelligent Cleaning

With its clever cleaning systems, WINBOT X automatically selects the smartest path by identifying your window’s size/shape. The systematic cleaning path created allows for greater cleaning efficiency – reducing time and power used. It uses a multi-stage process and deep clean mode for excellent results. This process focuses on the space beneath the cleaning robot, and while navigating across the window, it can either move in an automatic cleaning pattern, or you can choose the Deep Clean Mode. This mode will instruct it to repeat a clean over the same areas to ensure a flawless, polished outcome. Edge detection sensors furthermore alter its course as necessary.

Safe Operation

WINBOT X has multiple key safety features implemented specifically for yours and the robot’s safety. The unique, extra Safety Tether system ensures WINBOT X is safe during indoor and outdoor cleans, maintaining a 2.4 GHz connection to the main robot. The system monitors ensure the safe status, emitting alarms if the suction cup in system air pressure is less than 3.5Kpa. If there is a risk of falling, the tether will draw it back towards itself to prevent a fall and thus providing fantastic protection. The Power Suction System maintains a strong suction to the glass surface at all times, as well as cleaning the windows more firmly with the cleaning cloth.


The seamless software and physical design are user-friendly for effortless operation. You can operate it simply with one hand, while the thick handle makes it easier to pick up and transport. A handy remote control lets you operate it from anywhere with start, stop, pause, or change direction buttons.

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