HOBOT-198 Window Cleaning Robot

  • Buckle-friendly cleaning rings – avoid leakage
  • Upgraded wheel motors for forceful cleaning
  • Smartphone & remote controlled capabilities
  • Embedded Uninterrupted Power System – prevents falls
  • High strength 150kgf safety rope
  • No scratched outcome – gentle micro-fiber cloth
  • Specially designed cleaning wheels for a track-free result
  • Anti-falling algorithm & automatic detection of obstacles/frames
  • High volume centrifugal pump with strong pressure suitable for any glass thickness
  • Stops automatically after cleaning completion
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HOBOT-198 Window Cleaning Robot

Are your windows dirty, but you don’t want the hassle of cleaning them manually? Let the Hobot-198 do it for you. This automatic window-cleaning robot is an all-new model with a reliable, safe, and efficient approach to cleaning your windows.

Safe Design

The Hobot-198 features an embedded Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) which prevents the device from falling during power outages and blackouts. A 150kgf high strength safety rope adds a further safety measure, while the anti-falling algorism and automatic detection of obstacles and window frames guarantee safe, intelligent operation throughout its cleaning process.

Perfect Outcome

The microfiber cloth attachment is soft and gentle as it swipes across the window’s surface to clean. The dust is sucked throughout the cleaning cloth with the robot’s motor and can, therefore, be used on a variety of surfaces – including window film, safety foil, coating glass, and reflection glass. The specially designed cleaning wheels also contain a microfiber cloth instead of a driving treat which results in zero tracks left on the glass’ surface. It will move smoothly across the surface, even with dirt built up on the cloth.

Control Capabilities

You can use your iOS or Android smartphone device to control Hobot-198. Download the free application, connect the two devices, and then maneuver the robot as you please. An included remote control lets you perform the same functions – it’s up to you on how you wish to control the window cleaning robot. If there is a particular spot you want to clean, you can guide the robot there, no hassle.

Powerful Suction

The upgraded wheel motors result in a powerful, forceful vacuum that sucks out much of the dust and impurities from the glass. This feature combined with the microfiber cloth work together to achieve a flawless outcome – shined and sparkling windows. The high volume centrifugal pump maintains excellent pressure throughout so that regardless if there is a small leakage, the device will keep its mobility on any surface.

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