HOBOT-288 Window Cleaning Robot

  • Suitable for any glass thickness
  • 2.4 min/meter cleaning speed
  • Large & efficient microfiber cloth
  • 150Kgf tensile strength safety rope and buckle
  • Hands-free operation with remote control
  • 3 unique auto-operation modes for complete cleaning
  • Embedded Uninterrupted Power System (UPS)
  • Auto-detection of window edges with anti-falling algorithm
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HOBOT-288 Window Cleaning Robot

Clean the windows of your business firm or home with the Hobot-288 – a new, advanced cleaning robot that works to effectively clean and shine your windows all under automatic operation.

AI S2.0 Technology

The Hobot-288 has an advanced AI with convenient applications to get the job done as efficiently as possible. The integrated laser sensor measures distances and heights for effortless operation on frameless windows, while the two caterpillar treads allow quick, 12cm movements per second. An auto-adjustable pneumatic pad controls the driving force and maintains firm and direct contact with any glass surface – if it’s filthy, the cleaning will not be interrupted.


Hobot-288 can perform its cleaning duties on multiple surfaces with a high volume, centrifugal pump that allows for ongoing, consistent pressure regardless if there is a small leakage. It can move smoothly across various surfaces, including engraved, coating, and reflection glass, as well as tiles and window film. Automatic edge detection and the anti-falling control algorithm guide Hobot’s movements precisely and cleverly.

Remote Control

With smartphone and remote control, you can enjoy hands-free operation of Hobot-288. The device is iOS and Android compatible with a free application for a seamless connection. Once this is established, you can maneuver the cleaning robot as you please. Alternatively, you can use the provided remote control to achieve the same goal.


The attached microfiber cloth is large with a 24 x 24cm size and secure fixture. It’s recommended for environments such as offices, restaurants, and small-scale businesses with its exceptional cleaning functionality and streak-free outcome.


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