HOBOT LEGEE-669 Robot Vacuum

  • FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning – vacuums, wipes, sprays & mops
  • Smart navigation technology (gyro, e-compass, etc.) to avoid obstacles
  • Caterpillar belt design for anti-skidding and traction
  • D-shape design with a side brush to clean corners, edges, etc.
  • Applicable on many floor types, including tiles, wood, marble, glass
  • Smooth, quiet functioning with brushless DC motor and metal fan
  • 4 cleaning modes and optimized auto cleaning mode for large areas
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HOBOT LEGEE-669 Robot Vacuum

The HOBOT Legee-669 is a vacuum-mop duo cleaning robot that reinvents the way you ordinarily clean your home with its intelligent, automatic operation.

4-Stage Cleaning

With its 4-Stage Cleaning mechanism, Legee-669 vacuums with powerful suction to suck in dirt and hair, while a front brush cloth rubs of resilient stains back and forth at an incredible speed of 600 times per minute. Then, it sprays with water to reinforce the softening of tough stains and follows up by erasing dirt marks with ease using a mopping function (with no tangled hair outcome). The water spray’s artificial intelligence is based on the area’s temperature, which provides optimal cleaning performance.

Clean Difficult Areas

The D-Shaped design of the Legee-669 along with a side brush that stretches to 4cm from the device extends deep into corners and edges with ease. This side brush will reach the most challenging areas, including underneath cabinets and other furniture at a range of approximately 2cm. Instead of leaving corners filled with dirt and impurities, this cleaning robot will effectively clean them without any issue.

Safe Design

The caterpillar belt design of the Legee-669 ensures excellent traction against surfaces to prevent the device from slipping. As it sweeps and mops the floor, the moisture will not cause the robot to slip due to this clever anti-skid feature. It will continue to run smoothly regardless of the floor texture. An implemented laser, encoder, gyro, e-compass, and position estimation feature ensures that the device avoids obstacles and continues with its cleaning without any interruptions.

Convenient Specs

A brushless DC motor and metal fan result in highly efficient cleaning, long life expectancy, fantastic durability, and low noise for smooth, pleasant operation. The li-on battery is reliable and effective, offering convenient cleaning time. The smart mechanisms are capable of zigzag, wall-follow, auto, and spot cleaning modes. An optimized automatic cleaning mode covers larger spaces to ensure a thorough clean.

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