Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 Robot Lawn Mower

  • Patented Guide Wire assists with returning to the charging station
  • Manages slopes up to 40% with its large coarse-tread wheels
  • Patented Automatic Passage Handling senses narrow passages
  • Automower Connect@HOME with Bluetooth for full control
  • Low energy consumption with automatic charging
  • Balance control with easy height adjustment for any lawn
  • Reliable with Theft Protection, Scheduling, Silent sound, & Weather Proof design
  • Excellent cutting results for a perfectly mowed lawn
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Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310 Robot Lawn Mower

Do you dream of the perfect lawn – minus the hard work to get it? The Husqvarna Automower 310 will make your lawn look absolutely perfect while freeing up your time with its automated operation.


The Husqvarna Automower 310 is extremely reliable with a range of intelligent features. The patented Guide Wire helps it return to its charging station, perfect for complex lawns, and it will automatically recharge on its own. The large coarse-tread wheels offer excellent traction, regardless of the surface. This feature lets it manage slopes with up to a 40% incline. Its unique cutting system ensures perfectly trimmed results with an adjustable height and balance control suitable for any lawn.

Connect & Control

Connect the Automower 310 using Bluetooth with the relevant application, which gives you full control over your mower directly from your smartphone. With it, you can easily send start, stop, and park commands, as well as check and adjust its settings. This works up to 30 meters. Theft protection by alarm/PIN code also lets you receive alarms and track the mower’s position in the case of theft, wherever you are.

Clever Navigation

Its smart technology with intuitive interface guides it seamlessly around your lawn. Patented Automatic Passage Handling lets it automatically sense narrow passages and find its way through even the smallest passages. If the track is unpleasant, it will change its route according to the circumstances.

User-Friendly Design

The Automower 310 features a pleasantly silent design rather than a usual loud mower. The charging station placement is flexible for your convenience, and with the replaceable top covers, maintenance for your mowing robot is a breeze. The high-resolution, medium-sized display with a graphic menu structure is easy to use with a self-explaining set-up. With it, you can schedule mowing when it suits you.

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