ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

  • Tangle-free suction passage for easy dirt, dust, & hair pick-up
  • Powerful suction with AirAway filtering technology
  • Starts cleaning at the simple push of a button on the provided remote
  • Multiple cleaning modes – Edge, Auto, Spot and Schedule
  • Automatically docks to recharge and resume
  • RoadRover Wheels – extra-large to ride over obstacles & travel seamlessly
  • Full set of advanced sensors to navigate your home safely
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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

If you find yourself spending most of your downtime cleaning your home up after pets, children, and company, the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner will become your new best friend with its exceptional cleaning performance.

Tailored For You

Multiple cleaning modes implemented help you take care of various messes and rooms with Edge, Auto, Spot, and Schedule modes. With one click of the CLEAN button on the provided remote control, V3s Pro will start its cleaning operation. You can additionally set a weekly cleaning schedule, and it will start cleaning at the specified time.

Exceptional Suction

The powerful, tangle-free suction passage effortlessly suctions dirt, dust, hair, and fur without tangling or becoming caught. AirAway Filtering Technology uses double high-performance filters to separate the dirt from debris to reduce clogging and for long-lasting, powerful suction. Fresh air is also released from this technology to eliminate the foul odors in your home.

Smart Navigation

A full set of advanced sensors in the V3s Pro help it to cleverly navigate your home – avoiding obstacles, stairways, moving underneath furniture, and even going around furniture. The RoadRover wheels are extra-large to let the robot vacuum travel seamlessly across different rooms with stability in place, riding over potential obstacles such as carpet and transitioning with ease.

Automatic Design

You don’t have to worry about docking and recharging the V3s Pro because it will do it all on its own! When the battery begins to run low, it automatically returns to its charging dock to recharge and resume cleaning. This feature, combined with the scheduling function, lets you leave the V3s Pro to do its job without any interference from you.


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