ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot

  • TidalPower Cleaning System – cleans stubborn stains gently & thoroughly
  • Moistens, scrubs, suctions, and scrapes for a flawless outcome
  • Clean/Dirty Water Separation – separated compartments
  • 4 cleaning modes – Path, Area, Spot and Edge for any cleaning needs
  • OBS All-Terrain Detection System – cleans autonomously & safely
  • Multifunctional Panel with 3 function buttons & visual signifiers for control
  • User-friendly design with convenient carrying handle
  • Superior suction power with an Ultrafine fiber roller for intense scrubbing
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ILIFE W400 Floor Washing Robot

Gentle yet effective, the ILIFE W400 cleaning robot will wash away the stains, dirt, and grime from your floors without leaving any negative marks for the best possible outcome.

4-Step Cleaning

The W400 cleaning robot uses TidalPower Cleaning System to gently yet thoroughly clean away stubborn stains. It uses a clever 4-step cleaning procedure to get the job done efficiently. First, it moistens and dampens the floor with clean water to loosen the stain. Then, it scrubs with its Ultrafine fiber roller, deeply washing the floor with gentle scrubs at a high-frequency rate. After that, it suctions with its superior power to remove the dirty water and finishes the job by scraping off residue for a spotless outcome. Separated compartments ensure the dirty and clean water remain separated throughout.

Clever Navigation

With its OBS All-Terrain Detection System, you don’t have to worry about the W400 as it moves around your home. Nine sets of OBS detectors located on the front of the robot assist with detecting obstacles to prevent crashes and collisions. Three sets of base detectors prevent the robot from falling down stairs or drop-off heights. It’s safe and extremely smart!

You Control It

Utilize the four available cleaning modes for your different cleaning needs. Use the Path Mode to cover large areas methodically to avoid redoing or skipping sections. The Spot Mode is ideal for deep cleaning with increase suction in a unique spiral pattern – great for areas with concentrated stains. The Area Mode lets you clean a designated area with a systematic path directly in front of the robot. Finally, the Edge Mode works to clean the edges of walls and corners of your home seamlessly.


The Multifunctional Panel on the W400 features three function buttons with visual signifiers for a completely user-friendly experience. Control the robot and its status and use the provided remote control to send commands over long distances. The creators have even implemented a handle for effortless transportation between cleaning areas and to the charging dock.

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