Neato Robotics Botvac D4 Connected Robot Vacuum

  • Intelligent navigation with LaserSmart technology
  • Moves in straight lines for a satisfying clean
  • Virtual No-Go Lines to clean only in specific areas
  • Connectivity with the Neato application – schedule cleanings
  • Big combo brush (up to 70% larger than round robots)
  • Ideal for hardwood, carpet, or tiled homes
  • Up to 75 minutes of battery life for any house or apartment
  • Quick boost charging to calculate the power needed for completion
  • D-shape design allows it to clean edges & corners with ease
  • Connect with Apple Watch and Amazon Echo, Google Home
  • Ongoing software upgrades for continuously improved performance
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Neato Robotics Botvac D4 Connected Robot Vacuum

The Neato Robotics Botvac D4 cleans for anyone and everyone, using its advanced features and intelligence to be your all-in-one cleaning robot vacuum and friend. Use up your new free time to spend it with friends, family and focusing on more important goals instead of worrying about your dirty floors – Botvac D4 has got that covered!

Upgraded Design

The Botvac D4’s large combo cleaning brush is up to 70% bigger than round robot cleaners, spanning across the whole front to collect any debris in its way. It can clean hardwood, carpet, and tiles of any home with ease.

Laser Tech

When you hear the word lasers, you know it’s something great. Botvac D4 uses LaserSmart technology as an advanced function to scan, map, and adapt to your entire home – even in the dark! It creates a floor plan tailored specifically for your robot to follow. Instead of moving in a random pattern, it moves in straight, precise lines for an efficient clean.

Guide With No-Go Lines

The virtual No-Go Lines feature gives you the full capability of setting out-of-bounds areas for the Botvac D4. If you need it to avoid a particular area, use this feature straight from your phone using the Neato application – it’s that simple! This app furthermore lets you schedule your desired cleaning programs when it suits you. Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Watch compatibility allow you to stop and start your robot with ease.

Efficient Charge

Live in a house or apartment? On a full charge, Botvac D4 can run for up to 75 minutes – the perfect length for any setting. If you need it to run a little faster to finish the job, use the quick boost charging feature, which tells it to calculate the exact amount of power to get back to work and finish the job on time.


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