Polaris 9550 Sport Robot Pool Cleaner

  • 7-day programmable timer – fully customizable
  • Motion-sensing handheld remote for responsive cleaning control
  • Easy Lift System – surfaces to desired location & auto-evacuates water
  • Dirty canister indicator – know when it’s time to empty (easy to clean)
  • Vortex Vacuum technology for the best cleaning performance
  • 4-Wheel Drive Technology cleans pool floor & walls + tile line
  • ActivMotion Sensor – controls the robot’s position for complete coverage
  • Cleans pools up to 60′ in length
  • Includes premium new compact transport caddy (assembled in minutes)
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Polaris 9550 Sport Robot Pool Cleaner

Polaris 9550 Sport knows how frustrating it can be to clean your pool. It comes fully equipped with all of the necessary technology and features to ensure you never have to feel frustrated or stressed about pool cleaning again!

Outstanding Performance

The Polaris 9550 Sport uses Vortex Vacuum Technology for the best-in-class cleaning performance, keeping debris suspending for long-lasting suction and outstanding results. The 4-Wheel Drive Technology allows this robotic pool cleaner to clean anywhere in your pool, including the walls, steps, floors, and even the tile line with a solid-blade scrubbing brush. The Waterline Only Cleaning Cycle ensures isolated tile line scrubbing for a flawless outcome.

Fully Automated

The best part about the Polaris 9550 Sport is that you can set a 7-day programmable timer, which comes with fully customizable cleaning cycles. This way, you can set it and forget it, focusing on other more important tasks and letting the Polaris 9550 worry about getting your pool cleaned. With this simple setting, you can always enjoy a healthy, clean pool all the time with the ability to command as much frequent cleaning as you wish.

Intelligent Sensors

With its ActivMotion Sensor, the Polaris 9550 Sport is automatically controlled by where it goes to ensure complete cleaning coverage. The included motion-sensing handheld remote offers responsive cleaning control. Its intuitive design lets you point and direct the robotic pool cleaner wherever you want it to go in the pool, so it never misses a spot. You hold the cleaning power in your hand!


Included in the Polaris 9550 Sport’s design is a handy dirty canister indicator, so you always know when it’s time to empty it. The filter canister is furthermore easy to clean – simply empty the contents with a shake and spray it clean. The new premium and compact transport caddy can be assembled within a matter of minutes without the use of any tools. All of these incredible features packed into the Polaris 9550 Sport ensure you always enjoy a hassle-free pool.


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