WORX Landroid L Robot Lawn Mower

  • Ideal for larger gardens up to 1500m2
  • Customized working schedules with the intuitive layered interface
  • Patented mowing AIA cutting tech – passes through narrow paths with ease
  • Cut to Edge – offset 3-blade cutting/mulching system (closer edge cutting)
  • Moves across hills/slopes easily with innovate electronics
  • 2 Independent brushless wheel motors for efficient operation
  • Returns back to charging station in rainy weather with rain sensor
  • Automatically adapts and learns your lawn – the shape, size, & grass growth rates
  • Smart-auto scheduling with intelligent navigation for smart performance
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WORX Landroid L Robot Lawn Mower

Mowing your lawn shouldn’t take the time out of your Sunday or weekend. There’s a solution for that, and it’s called the Landroid WORX WR150. This robotic lawnmower takes the hard work out of mowing your lawn, letting you spend your free time otherwise – relaxing, spending time with friends, or having fun with your hobbies!

Seamless Navigation

Equipped with intelligent navigation software and patented mowing AIA cutting tech, the Landroid WORX WR150 passes through narrow paths smoothly and effortlessly. Not only that, hills and slopes are no problem for this robotic lawnmower with its innovative electronics. It will navigate seamlessly across your lawn, including the avoidance of obstacles, to guarantee a flawlessly cut lawn.

Clever Learning System

The WORX WR150 learns and adapts to your lawn’s size, shape, and even the growth rates of the grass to suggest an auto-schedule based on these conditions. It will measure the area accordingly using a size calculator and select the best performing schedule with the all-new APP. It continually updates itself with the latest software, ensuring the best improvements and upgrades throughout its life.

Fast, Smart, & Agile

Not only does the WORX WR150 cut your lawn, but it also makes quick work of it. You can set specific schedules by using the manual schedule function to set it according to your desired preferences, so whether you prefer it to mow while you’re at work or when you’re at home to monitor, you can do so with ease. Worried about the rain? Don’t be with the included rain sensor which instructs the mower to return to its charging station when rain arrives.

Precision Cutting

The two independent brushless wheel motors offer efficient operation at all times while the excellent blades cut cleanly and smoothly through each blade of grass. Furthermore, the Cut to Edge offset 3-blade cutting/mulching system provides closer edge cutting to result in a precisely cut lawn to perfection. For garden size, the WORX WR150 is best for larger gardens with a size up to 1500m2.

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