WORX Landroid M Robot Lawn Mower

  • Fully automated design – best for cutting gardens up to 1000m2
  • Patented mowing AIA cutting technology ensures easy narrow path movement
  • Rain sensor commands it to return to charging station
  • Intuitive layered interface – customize its working schedules to suit you
  • 2 Independent brushless wheel motors
  • Unique system for closer edge cutting to get a perfect result
  • Intelligent navigation technology
  • Cut to Edge – Offset 3-blade cutting/mulching
  • Innovative electronics allow it to mow on hills and slopes
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WORX Landroid M Robot Lawn Mower

Never worry about mowing your own lawn again with the Landroid WORX WR140. With its agility, safety, accuracy, and customizability, you will fall in love with the way it automatically mows your lawn to perfection.

Smart Operation

The WORX WR140 is an award-winning robotic lawnmower specifically because it knows precisely what is best for your lawn. It automatically adapts to the size and shape of your lawn, as well as the growth rates of your grass – so it’s always making sure the results are nothing less than perfect. It regularly updates itself with the latest software while guaranteeing safety and accuracy at all times on your lawn.

Powerful Cutting

The Patented Mowing AIA Cutting Technology allows the WR140 to pass effortlessly through narrow paths, supporting its operation. The intelligent navigation software guides it around obstacles and maintains its route continuously as it cuts your lawn. It’s ideal for cutting gardens up to 1000m2 large. A unique system implemented for closer edge cutting always strives for a perfect outcome while the Cut to Edge software uses offset 3-blade cutting and mulching.

Scheduling Made Easy

After it measures the area of your lawn size with the new APP, the WR140 suggests an auto-schedule based on your lawn’s conditions. If you want to create your own schedule instead, you can use the manual schedule function with the intuitive layered interface to customize a unique schedule according to your preferences. Turn it on while you’re at work, for example.

Always Precise

Two independent brush wheel motors furthermore offer exceptional cutting power throughout its entire cleaning schedule. Hills and slopes are no issue for the WR140 with its innovative electronics allowing it to move up/down them with ease. The included rain sensor commands it to return to its charging station, so no interference from you is ever really necessary. Overall, the WORX WR140 is faster, smarter, and more agile than any other robot mowers, always leaving you with that dream lawn you desire.

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