ECOVACS WINBOT 850 Window Cleaning Robot

  • Cleans windows streak-free with advanced technology
  • Versatile 4-stage cleaning system for several window types
  • Squeegees and wipes in every direction
  • Adapts to cleaning various window types
  • Extension cord and safety cable to clean any window
  • Remote control for seamless & convenient operation
  • Advanced suction fan for firm wiping & safe attachment to the glass
  • Falling fail-safe system to give you peace of mind
  • Extension cord and safety cable for additional security during cleans
  • Can be used on many glass types, including frosted and tinted
  • Edge detection technology and back-up battery power

ECOVACS WINBOT 850 Window Cleaning Robot

The ECOVACS WINBOT 850 is your dream all-in-one automated window cleaner. Struggling to clean your windows? This robot will do it with exceptional, streak-free results.

Advanced Technology

WINBOT 850 uses an automatic cleaning path with a 4-stage cleaning system to clean quickly, safely, and, most importantly, thoroughly. This utilizes a squeegee and wiping technique in every direction, fully containing the cleaning solution. It also adapts its cleaning to various window types, resulting in a streak-free outcome. A Z-shaped cleaning path is followed for wide, horizontal windows, and for tall, vertical windows it follows an N-shaped path. The automatic cleaning is furthermore quiet to not interrupt your daily routines.

Clean Any Window

Use the WINBOT 850 on many different glass types, from frosted windows to colored and tinted windows. You can even use this cleaning robot on Thermopane – just let it do its job and enjoy the sparkling results! An included extension cord and safety cable let you clean any shaped or sized window in absolute safety. It also features edge detection technology, a powerful fan, and back-up battery power for the safest experience possible – for both the cleaning robot and those around it.

Falling Failsafe System

If you’re worried about the WINBOT 850 falling off the window, don’t be. With its falling fail-safe system, you can rest easy. Although it is highly unlikely it will fall during operation, the equipped safety suction pod and tether are extremely capable of preventing falls, regardless of whether it detaches from the glass or not.

Always Thorough

With its advanced suction fan, WINBOT 850 safely attaches to the glass as well as a firmer wipe of the cleaning cloth, thus resulting in a more thorough clean every time. It understands where it has cleaning previously and knows when it has finished – it will return to the same place it began operation for safe retrieval. The handy remote control included lets the device be operated from anywhere, so you can start, stop, pause, or change its direction at any time at a simple push of a button.

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