HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Robot

  • Automatic ultrasonic water spray
  • Suitable for any glass thickness
  • Can be used on frameless windows with laser sensor detection of edges
  • 2.4 min/meter cleaning speed with low noise function
  • 3 automatic operation modes for entire window cleaning
  • Stops automatically after completion to preserve power
  • Anti-falling control algorithm with auto-detection of window edges
  • Large microfiber cloth for efficient clean
  • High-strength safety rope with 150Kgf tensile strength
  • Remote control included for hands-free operation
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HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Robot

Cleaning your windows has never been easier than with the Hobot-298 – a brilliant cleaning robot that will automatically clean your windows for a beautiful shine and look.

Automatic Operation

Hobot-298 has an innovative design which allows it to automatically spray water or detergent on the window’s surface throughout its operation. This works to effectively rid dirt while polishing, simultaneously. A high-quality microfiber cloth dries the water up efficiently afterward for a streak-free result. Once the tank is empty, it can be effortlessly replaced without any complications.

Smart AI Technology

With its automatic edge detection and AI route plan, Hobot-298 cleverly zigzags with its path in both horizontal and vertical directions in a single cleaning cycle while avoiding edges. The laser sensor measures distance and height, enabling it to work freely and safely on frameless windows. Glass thickness is not an issue, and upon the completion of cleaning, the device will automatically stop.

Safe & Controlled

A 4.5-meter long safety rope has robust tensile strength capable of holding up to 150kg force. This should always be tired to the indoor fixture during operation. Furthermore, a Bluetooth APP remote control is included, which not only lets you stay in control but also notifies and alerts you of task completion.

Highly Efficient

Two caterpillar treads attached to Hobot-298 allows for quick movements at 12cm per second, enabling one square meter to be cleaned effectively in precisely 2.4 minutes. The microfiber and smart technology is suitable for a variety of window settings, from restaurants to cafes to homes. Sit back, relax, and let the Hobot-298 do all the window-cleaning work for you while you focus on other more important matters.

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