ILIFE A7 Robot Vacuum

  • CyclonePower cleaning system with accurate planning for max efficiency
  • Normal and maximum suction level modes depending on your needs
  • Customized scheduling to preset auto cleaning schedules for specific days
  • User-friendly design with anti-stuck function using a full set of sensors
  • Beautiful exterior design with scratch/wear-resistant glossy black
  • APP and remote control for seamless user operation
  • OBS All-Terrain Detection System to accurately monitor & detect surroundings
  • Cliff & edge sensors for safe & smart navigation in your home
  • Docks and charges automatically on low battery
  • Triple-headed side brushes precisely engineered for excellent performance
  • Floating rolling brush with adjusting capabilities for constant contact
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ILIFE A7 Robot Vacuum

Discover a new way of cleaning your home with the intelligent ILIFE A7 Cleaning Robot Vacuum, fitted with smart planning and APP control for your convenience.

Powerful Cleaning

A7 Cleaning Robot uses Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system for a thorough clean during a single operation. The Nidec brushless motor, side brushes, and main brush work collectively together to produce amazing cleaning results. Fully sealed air ducts reduce wind resistance and generate exceptional suction power, with the ability to easily switch between normal and max suction modes to meet different floor types and cleaning needs.

Efficient Brushes

The A7 is equipped with triple-headed side brushes that deliver 170 sweep strokes per minute! The side brushes use medium elastic bristles that are precisely engineered to a specific size that allows for maximum dust pick-up performance. A Floating Rolling Brush uses a 5mm floating range, able to adjust to the different floor height variances at will. With this feature, it can maintain direct, close contact with any surface type at all times. Effective dirt extraction is never an issue with the A7.

Remote Control With APP

You can connect to the A7 with your smartphone via the multifunctional APP using WiFi connection. With the APP, you can preset schedules, select different cleaning modes, check cleaning records, and even locate the robot if you cannot find it. The remote control proves 8-meter access across a straight path. Customize scheduling with the multiple schedule modes using the APP or directly from the buttons on its body. This lets you preset cleaning schedules for any time of any day and it will auto-start!

Clever Navigation

With an OBS All-Terrain Detection System, A7 knows exactly what it’s doing and where it’s going. The upgraded omnidirectional detection system uses a set of sensors that accurately monitor and detect what is around it. The three sets of cliff sensors prevent stair falls and will hinder operation unless on a flat surface. Two sets of edge sensors installed on both sides of its body detect the edges of your home for effortless steering. When the battery gets low, A7 will automatically return to its docking station to recharge.

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