Robomow RS612 Robot Lawn Mower

  • Program up to 4 zones in your yard with different mow settings
  • A full charge provides approximately 45 minutes of working time
  • Automatically returns to charging station once the battery is low
  • Two triangular blades for grass cutting – easy to change & swap
  • Ideal for lawns up to .25 acres, best for small to average-size lawns
  • Heavy weight (about 44 pounds) for stability when mowing your lawn
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Robomow RS612 Robot Lawn Mower

You can’t beat the ROBOMOW RS612 for your lawn with its phenomenal technology and features designed to perfectly cut your grass specifically to your requirements and preferences. This model arrives ready to install on your own with everything you need.

Separate Lawn Zones

With the ROBOMOW RS612, you can program it to mow in four separate zones in your yard. Each of these zones can be configured with different frequency and height settings, letting you give specific attention to certain areas on your lawn. Once programmed, this robotic mower gets the job done.

Efficient Blades

The ROBOMOW RS612 uses unique, triangular-shaped blades to cut your grass, smoothly slicing each blade with ease. The triangle shape furthermore creates an easier swap experience in which you can change them by snapping them on rather than dismantling with a screwdriver. This is just another hassle the RS612 takes right off your hands!

Intelligence Automated

On a full charge, the ROBOMOW RS612 can operate for approximately 45 minutes. When the battery runs low, it will automatically return to its charging station to recharge – you don’t even have to touch it! This charging process usually takes from about one hour to 90 minutes to fully recharge, and then it’s good to go again.

Perfect for Small/Average Lawns

The ROBOWMOW RS612 is suitable for lawns of small or average size up to .25 acres. It features a heavy weight of about 44 pounds that offers excellent stability and contact when mowing your lawn. With its range of handy features, the RS612 is a convenient lawn tool to assist in freeing up your weekends so you can enjoy a more relaxing break.


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